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HE UK needs your support

A small favour…

founded in January 2000, HE UK is the oldest website supporting home educators in the UK. It has around 275 thousand unique visitors looking for information logging 4 million hits a year. With over 220 pages it's also the largest. It operates from the basis of internationally recognised human rights and UK law.

Running this site and dealing with all the enquiries I receive, has become a full time effort. The logistics, including (among other things) specialist software, hosting and fast fibre links, necessary to run HE UK comes to around £1,000 a year.

Please consider the time and effort it took to research, verify, collate, write, code and upload all this information, along with the cost of maintaining a web site that carries so much data. Think also that I too have bills to pay.

So, if you found this site useful, if it went some way towards helping you, please consider a small pay pal contribution. Even a micro payment of just £1 would at least show your appreciation.

If you do decide to assist in this valuable work, keeping this web site live:

please send a small payment, using pay pal to

Thank you for reading this and considering sharing in my work.

Mike Wood.


HE UK is not a registered charity, See here

The costs of running this web site are met by myself and a little advertising.

What does HE-UK do?
  • Currently receives around 3.7 million hits per annum from approximately 275,000 visitors.
  • Has over 200 informative online articles and papers on home education.
  • Has approximately 10,000 members on the FB forum.
  • Does interviews on TV, national and local radio, and newspapers.
  • assists academics in research.
  • Publishes relevant books and E books through EHP, it's publishing house.
  • Speak at conferences.
  • Has taken part, and coordinated government consultations.
  • Organised petitions.
  • Networks with European and global partners so as to contribute to international debates on home education issues.
  • Supports the effort of home educators in other countries to gain recognition.
  • Represents UK home educators interests at conferences around europe where resources allow.
  • Provides individual support to families in difficulties with their local authority.
  • Conducts research into home education issues.
  • Trained local authority staff on home education.
  • has no religious or political affiliation.
  • Aims not discriminate on any grounds.
  • Is child centric in it's approach.

This site has an enviable reputation as a source of quality information, support and encouragement for families who are considering home educating their children. The continued existence and maintenance of this site is crucial to many families as it is one of the very few places they can find accurate, unbiased and up to date information and support.

So please consider offering a small donation towards the costs of this work and be an active part of the effort to maintain families freedom to home educate in the UK and elsewhere.

Thank you for your important support.

Mike Wood

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