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The amount of time and work I can devote to maintaining this website and responding to requests for assistance are limited by the resources I can afford to devote to it. I receive no regular funding or payments for the work I do other than small sums from adverts and a very few donations. Mostly what I do here is at my own expense.

I ask for no payments for responding to requests for assistance and so my ability to continue to respond to requests in the future are entirely dependent on donations. The more donations I receive, the more time and resources I can devote to home educators calls for help.

HE UK website is visited over 250,000 times a year. Even a small donation of £2 or £3 from just a small percentage of these visitors would make a hugely significant difference to the time and work I am able to commit to. So if you have been helped by the information here, please consider a donation, however small, to keep us online and perhaps even extend my work further.

My use of online services are not free, putting aside the time I dedicate to maintaining the website's relevance administrating support groups and replying to requests for legal information, which accounts for around 20 or 30 hours in an average week, it costs around £250 a year for internet services and around a further £1000 in travel, phone and other costs.

The Home Education UK website sits at the hub of a number of initiatives including several forums as well as other networked services. The aim of HE UK is to support home educators, maintain their rights and promote the idea of home education to both parents and professionals. I am also called upon to offer direct, individual assistance to families, who are often unable to pay for other professional resources, I do my best to meet as many requests as I can. All of these facilities (other than paper publications) are offered free to those who use them.

To contribute

If you have a Pay Pal account you can simply send a payment to:


and mark it as being a contribution.

Alternatively email me for further details.


HE UK is not a registered charity, See here

The costs of running this website are met by myself with the help of one or two small contributions to my costs and a little advertising.

I have never asked for a payment for services rendered to a home educator other than some assistance with direct expenses, to cover travel costs. The more resources I have the better and more extensive the service I can offer will be.

What does HE-UK do?

  • Currently receives 3.2 million hits per annum from approximately 250,000 visitors.
  • Has over 70 informative online articles and papers on home education.
  • Has approximately 2,000 members on its mailing list and a further 3,000 on it's FB group.
  • does interviews on TV,national and local radio, and newspapers.
  • speaks at conferences.
  • has taken part, and coordinated government consultations.
  • Organises petitions.
  • Networks with European and global partners so as to contribute to international debates on home education issues.
  • Supports the effort of home educators in other countries to gain recognition.
  • Represents UK home educators interests at conferences around europe where resources allow.
  • Runs Educational Heretics Press to Publish books, eBooks and journals on home education
  • Provides individual support to families in difficulties with their local authority.
  • Conducts research into home education issues.
  • trained local authority staff on home education.
  • has no religious or political affiliation.
  • Aims not discriminate on any grounds.
  • Is child centric in it's approach.

This site has an enviable reputation as a source of quality information, support and encouragement for families who are considering home educating their children. The continued existence and maintenance of this site is crucial to many families as it is one of the very few places they can find accurate, unbiased and up to date information and support.

So please consider offering a small donation towards the costs of this work and be an active part of the effort to maintain families freedom to home educate in the UK and elsewhere.

Thank you for your important support.

Mike Wood

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