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Helping you decide if home education is for you. Learn about innovative, and alternative approaches to educating your children and develop creative, positive family dynamics. Insightful and informative.

Joy Baker

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Joy Baker was a 1950s mother who fought hard for the right to home educate her children. A Video of Joy Baker facing a hostile interview in 1960.

The authorities fought back and treated her family barbarically, eventually removing her children. Thankfully, such over reaction is not acceptable today, but had she not fought for the right or had she lost, it's unlikely that home education would remain an option today. Read this insightful account of her struggle and eventual victory over petty beaurocracy and state education.

She wrote a book about her experiences Children in Chancery (no longer in print), but you can read about her struggle in this book called Joy Baker published by EHP.

Home Education Journal

Published between 2006 and 2015, 16 issues of the Home Education Journal available as 5 discounted Kindle volumes.

Dozens of articles. A great, and inexpensive introduction to the world of home education.

volume 4 covers articles written at the time of the Badman Review and home educators responses.

Can't Go Won't Go

Examines and challenges the current thinking on school refusal and the cruel blame culture that permeates it.

Taking real life stories of the way families were treated it arms parents with an insight to how it's perceived. It ends with an brief look at school refusal and home education.

Rethinking Learning to Read

Dr. Harriet Pattison's successful book of her PhD, Rethinking Learning to Read, has broader implications than it's title suggests. It examins how children learn in general, challenging the accepted wisdom of 'learning as a function of being taught.

Recommended reading for professionals and home educators alike.

A Short Guide to Elective Home Education

A new, inexpensive Kindle answering many of the questions people most frequently ask. An ideal start to the conversation or reassurance for family and friends.

A simple, easy to follow list of headings to short replies, usually less than a page long. Highly recommended to those new to home education.

I home Educate Because

Why 92 families chose to home educate, in their own words.

With reasons as diverse as the families themselves, they follow common threads of care and concern. Focused on their children in a world of ever greater standardisation, testing and regimented curricula that pays little attention to individuality, needs or aptitudes. Simple to read - hard to dismiss.

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