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Registration with an LEA

Is registration compulsory?

Registration with a local authority as a home educator is entirely voluntary. There is no requirement in law that compels a parent to inform the LA that they are home educating.

Truancy officers and patrols

Truancy is entirely a matter of identifying children who fail to attend a school at which they are lawfully registered. Truancy patrols should not be used as a means of identifying home educated children and their families with the intention of registering them with the local authority.

Paragraph 4.20 the 2002 home Office guidance to the crime and disorder act 1998 says:

"No further action should be taken where children indicate that they are home educated - unless the constable has reason to doubt that this is the case."

Therefore once it is established that a young person is home educated they should be allowed to continue on their way.

Local and national identity cards

while some LAs run schemes offering identity cards to home educated young people these are not compulsory and many families object in principle to carrying them. There is no legal requirement to posses or carry such identification and no inference should be made about a young person or family who does not carry such a card.

Similarly there is no compulsion to carry national identity cards. these schemes are also voluntary and a significant number of home educating families object to them in principle. Again, no inferences should be made regarding a young person who does not have such a card.


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