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Books by Mike Fortune Wood

Can't Go, Won't Go
Can't Go, Won't Go: An Alternative Approach to School Refusal

School refusal, sometimes called 'school phobia', is a complex and often contentious issue affecting rising numbers of children. Coping with this issue can tear families apart and leave lasting affects on children.

In "Can't Go, Won't Go" Mike Fortune-Wood looks at the scale of the problem and how families are treated by a range of statutory authorities.Interspersed with moving accounts from families who have struggled with school refusal, sometimes over a decade or more, this important and ground-breaking book sign-posts the need for better communication and strategies from service providers from schools to psychologists.

It suggests that the current trend to either medicalise or demonise children who refuse to go to school will only add to society's problems as well as damaging the individuals concerned. Fortune-Wood goes on to document an alternative approach; that of removing children from school to home educate them, suggesting that far from leading to disaster (as professionals often predict) this can become a life enhancing decission.

Can't Go Won't Go is now out of print and only available as a Kindle book
The Face of Home-Based Education, Part 1
The Face of Home-Based Education, Part 1: Who, Why and How

The demographics, choice and methodology of home education, who home educates, why do they do so and what kind of educational philosophy informs the provision of education in the home?

"The Face of Home-Based Education, Part 1" (£10.00 incl. postage & packing)

Also available as a Kindle
The Face of Home-Based Education, Part 1
The Face of Home-Based Education, Part 2: Numbers, Support & Special Needs

How many home educators are there, how do home educators obtain support and access services. What attitudes home educators hold regarding local authorities and why and finally the experiences of families who home educate special needs children?

"The Face of Home-Based Education, Part 2" (£10.00 incl. postage & packing)

Also available as a Kindle

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