Link to Interhigh school
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If you are running an event and:

      • want it on the calendar

      • Want a book stall and or someone to do a presentation on home education,

Please get in touch: I will need the event title, dates, location and website, If you want a speaker we may require some limited expenses. Thank you.

    • CALENDAR DOES NOT ALWAYS WORK WITH FIREFOX (If you can't see any events please click the white cross in the blue box at the bottom right corner of the calendar.)

    • If you use google calendar for your appontments, you can add our calendar to it so it comes up whenever you look at your own. Click the white cross in the blue box (bottom right of the calendar.)

    • & here is an International list of 'observance days'

link to Interhigh School
book rental for children learning to read.
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