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Please read this before joining the forum

I take the personal privacy and safety of list members very seriously.

List Rules:

Membership is open to families who are home educating or are interested in home educating their children.

This list is not open to:

Anyone with a professional interest in home education. For example:

  • Employees of; LA's,
  • Social services,
  • government personal,
  • medical personnel,
  • workers or owners of private companies involved in the education industry
  • tutors,
  • the press
  • researchers.

This list is not exclusive. If you are in doubt please get in touch and let me know what your interest is and I will make a decision.

NB: Should a member of local or national government attempt to obtain personal information from this list then it is almost certainly both a breach of the data protection act and the individuals right to a private family life as defined by the European Convention on Human Rights, Article 8.

Should I become aware that such a breach has occurred I *will* take action against the individual in the form of a complaint to the person's superiors and any other authority I think may be interested such as professional bodies, and seek disciplinary action to be taken against the individual.

I will take similar actions against others such as researchers and members of the press.

Warranty and indemnity

By remaining a member you hereby warrant to the group owner and any other moderators he appoints, that you will not send any message that is in any way whatever an infringement of any existing copyright or that contains any libelous or defamatory statement. You also indemnify the owner and any other moderator he appoints against loss, injury or damage (including any legal costs or expenses properly incurred) occasioned to the owner, or any other moderator he appoints, in consequence of any breach by yourself of this warranty.

Your membership of the list implies agreement with the list rules.

Emails Settings & Passwords

From time to time the owner will send special messages to members. Therefore you should set your membership of the list to receive either ‘Individual emails’ ‘daily digests’ or ‘special notices’ DO NOT SET to ‘no email’ as you may miss rule changes that might effect you. membership of the list is dependent upon this condition. should you chose to ignore it any consequential loss or damage shall be your responsibility.

It is your responsibility to ensure the security of your passwords giving access to this list and its web site and to ensure that third parties cannot use your email address to either post to the mailing list or read others posts to it that you may receive. Any loss or damage incurred though such misuse will be your responsibility.

It is also your responsibility to inform the list owner as soon as is reasonably possible should you become aware that your email address or passwords are compromised.


When you first join the list you will be placed into moderation. I will remove you from moderation when I see that you have introduced yourself and posted a few emails - and of course when I have the time. If you are not removed from moderation soon it does not necessarily mean that I don't trust you, it will more likely be that I've not had the time to alter your settings.

Introductions do not need to contain detailed personal information just say hello and say what you hope to get out of the group.

General guidance:

I try to keep this list polite, courteous and safe. While I encourage critical debate and open discussion I expect posters to behave as they would if discussing issues with a friend or acquaintance in their own home.


This forum is inclusive and recognises the rights of minorities to take a full part. We do not condone discrimination of any kind. We specifically do not condone or allow posts which discriminate on the basis of religion, race, sex, gender, sexual orientation or lifestyle. Should a member breach this rule they may be removed without further notice.

Guidance on what NOT to post:
  • Meta-comments/discussion.
  • Commercial offers or advertising of services or products.
  • Anything that violates another's privacy.
  • Personal attacks.
  • Attachments
  • Requests for personal information.
  • Hostile posts or posts that are likely to be interpreted as hostile.
  • Off-topic messages.
  • Spam, chain letters, virus warnings, etc.
  • Petitions should only be posted with the permission of the list owner.
  • Anything which advocates violence or harm towards a child (including corporal punishment)
Cross posting:

Do not cross-post without the explicit permission of the person who wrote the original post, either onto or off the list. Remove third party, personal information before doing so.

All posts remain the copyright of the person who wrote it. Cross posting without permission will be regarded as a major infringement of the list guidelines and may result in the removal of the offender.

When bringing a discussion here from another forum ensure that it is understandable to those who have not read the preceding discussion and that it has a new and appropriate subject line with no "Re:" in it. Where possible, paraphrase the point you are discussing rather than quoting it, but where the point is original, please get permission to quote it.

Further guidelines to take into account:

             - Avoid One-line, 'content-less' posts such as "I agree".

             - Administrative messages should be sent directly to me off list

             - Re-post requests (send those to the individual poster).

             - To unsubscribe, see the message explaining how to at the bottom of every forum post.

Personal messages.

Try to bear your child's right to privacy in mind before posting personal details. Discussions should be general and hypothetical avoiding personal details about you or your children where possible.

Ensure that the subject line accurately reflects the content of your messages. Change the subject line where necessary.

To make posts easier to read, add white space. If you write more than about six lines without a gap, consider breaking the text into two or more paragraphs. It will encourage members to read what you have written.

What is meta-discussion?

Meta-discussion is discussion about the style of discussion or the style of the post itself rather than about on-topic matters. For example comments or discussion about -

           - posting styles

           - the List or web site management

           - the attributes of a particular poster (other than being right

             or wrong in something they have stated or advocated)

           - the attributes of a particular discussion

This list is not complete but intended to give you some guidance on this matter. Posts on any of these issues should be sent directly to the list owner.

Thank you for reading.

Mike Wood



To join the mailing list, please enter your email address below and then click on 'Join Now'. You will then receive further instructions on how to complete your application to join. Thank you.


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