Beyond Authoritarian School Management:

the challenge for transparency

by Lynn Davies £6.99 (inc UK pp) 978-1-871526-16-7   (pp)

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Significant new trends are emerging in educational management internationally which threaten a return to authoritarianism but simultaneously offer possibilities for more open and democratic governance of schools. 

Four recent developments in the field of management in schools and colleges: comparative research on the realities of organisational life are; the school effectiveness movement; equity and democracy initiatives; and school self-appraisal.  In examining the various contemporary languages of management - from markets to militarism - the book exposes the power of managers to influence outcomes. 

Accepting that management training is a growing international endeavour, the book develops alternative training implications based on establishing performance indicators for transparency and democratic practice. 

The quest is open recognition of educational management as an essentially political activity.  This book is designed for current or potential managers in schools and colleges, and all those concerned about the good governance of education.

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