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This is the new home of Educational Heretics Press (EHP) founded in 1970 by Janet Meighan and Professor Roland Meighan who sadly passed away in 2014.

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The Emperor's New Schools by Andy Mattison

If children at home, or adults at work, were treated in the same way as students at school, we would call it abuse and intolerable, and there would be outrage.

But we seem not to notice the suppression and denial of children’s rights and choices and of their natural joy and expertise in learning; and their indoctrination into passivity, dependence and compliance.

The Emperor’s New Schools is a heartfelt demand for children’s rights and liberties: it analyses how and why we have arrived at this state of affairs in education and what alternative structures and approaches might look like
(and what fronted adverbials have to do with anything).

Andy mattison

has been a teacher for more than 30 years. He was the Headteacher of a pioneering state school in Nottingham for 10 years and has also worked with children with disabilities and children in care, as director of a charity, teacher, and foster carer. He has never taught any young people about fronted adverbials.

Flexischooling Handbook

Flexischooling offers educational journeys and experiences more fitting for the 21st Century. There is space to accommodate self-direction and co-creation and an altogether more personalised approach in contrast to the wholly more prescribed, one-size fits all structures and progressions in full-time schooling. For some children and families it is literally a life-changing and life-enhancing decision. 
This e-handbook serves as a practical reference for any family considering flexischooling. It also supports schools, local authorities, researchers, media and interested citizens in finding out more about the concept and its potential.

Charlotte Mason. An early pioneer of education who promoted many of the ideas that modernised and humanised education away from the stultified model of mass education. Her work is still regarded as important in the US where she is probably better known that she is in her homeland, in England.

This book is a deep and thorough analysis of Charlotte Mason's thoughts and how they fit into the broader picture.

It promotes a moderen, rationally devised, humane form of education that moves away from the earlier more factory line approach being used at the time. Many of her ideas are similar to and pre-date those of Piaget and other progressive thinkers. One can only reflect that the main reason she is less well known than others is that she was a woman.
An enlightening read, well written and clearly expressed.

Available as a Kindle and paperback

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