Bound To Be Free:

home education as a positive alternative to paying the hidden costs of ‘free’ education

by Jan Fortune-Wood £6.99 (inc UK pp) 978 1-900219-20-4   (pp)

Alternative methods of payment

Bound to be Free explores the myth that compulsory education is free education, arguing that in fact institutionalised education is detrimental to our freedom and autonomy, whether as children, parents or members of society.

Since financial control and philosophical control inevitably go hand in hand, parents must take back the former if they value the latter. The social costs of free compulsory education, including the rise of medical, psychological and civil liberty intervention into families under the guise of education, can be astronomical.  This is not so with home education. Similarly, the cost to individuals of being required to conform to institutionalised systems, with the resulting emotional costs, including bullying. It is a tragic waste of human resources that home educated children need never suffer. 

Finally, 'free' education de-skills both parents and children in favour of 'experts', whereas home education nurtures a culture of mentors, resources and skills.  Bound to Be Free is a radical re-appraisal of education as a way of life, as opposed to an institutional instrument of control and social planning.

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