Charlotte Mason:

'a pioneer of sane education'

by Marian Ney £6.99 (inc UK pp) 978 1-900219-14-X  (pp)

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Marian Ney proposed that Charlotte Mason is the equal of such famous figures as Dewey, and often saw deeper and wider than they.  She supported educators, whether teachers operating in schools, governesses in homes or parents home-educating using parent correspondence materials.

A major contribution to method was through the concept of narration. This consisted of a child telling back what had been learnt from the teacher or mother. This had a valuable effect in developing the skills and confidence of young learners. She stressed that children should become accustomed to reading good quality books, and that books regarded as adult reading could be enjoyed by children.

She saw parents and teachers as partners in a common task. She was called, "a pioneer of sane education".

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