by Roland Meighan £6.99 (inc UK pp) 978-1-871526- 00-0  (pp)

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Flexischooling developed out of the experience of home-based education.  Some parents sought a way of having the best of both worlds of home study and school study to serve their children's needs in a world of rapid change. Flexischooling, even in this first version as flexitime, could be seen to be questioning the basic assumptions of compulsory schooling. The key idea may be expressed in these words: rigid systems produce rigid people,  flexible systems produce flexible people.

"In spite of the apparent range and heavyweight nature of the agenda, flexischooling is a very clear and readable book, designed to be taken on board in a single sitting. This enables the reader to get the full flavour of the case as a whole, before returning to check out some specifics.  Above all it offers the kind of quiet optimism and imaginative commitment to genuine education that is in danger of becoming extinct."
Dr. John Bastiani, Director of the RSA 'Parents in a Learning Society' Project


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