The Freethinkers' Guide to The Educational Universe

A selection of quotations on education

by Roland Meighan £6.99 (inc UK pp) 978-0-9518022-4-0 (pp)

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When the first selection of quotations on education compiled by Roland Meighan was published in 1991 under the title of Unfashionably Unfascist? it sold out within months and was widely acclaimed as a source book for discussions and also for illustrative material for lectures, lessons and seminars.  Students also found the contents useful in the preparation of their essays on educational and related themes. 

In response to the comments and suggestions that were forthcoming from owners of the first compilation, which now appears to have the status of a collector's item, the new selection is produced in hardback for use as a library or classroom reference book, or as a coffee-table source book.  Most of the quotations from the first book have been retained and augmented with additional ones so that the selection is twice the size of the original version.  The quotations are produced in large type to allow direct transfer to overhead projector transparencies or into lecture  handouts.

"It's a brilliant collection ... Good luck with it. " Matthew Parris of The Times

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