The Freethinkers' Pocket Directory
to the Educational Universe

by Roland Meighan £6.99 (inc UK pp) 978-0-9518022-6-7  (kndle available)

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This directory attempts to reach the parts other education directories rarely reach i.e. alternative ideas.  As Bertrand Russell pointed out, significant new ideas usually come from non-conformists: "Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted as obvious was once eccentric."

The contents include entries on the following: the Authoritarian Approach, the Autonomous Approach, Causes of Bullying, Community Education, Compulsory Schooling Disease, Curriculum Alternatives, the Democratic Approach, Discipline, Flexi-schooling, Green Education, the Hidden Curriculum, Holistic Education, Home-based Education, Learner-managed Learning, Mini-schooling, Regressive Education, School-Within-Schools, Small Schooling,  Steiner Schools,  Structured Learning,  Uniforms. 

A list of addresses, an index and a list of selected reading and references follow.  The educationalists whose ideas are presented in summary include John Dewey, Paulo Friere, Paul Goodman, John Holt, Ivan Illich, Margaret McMillan, Alice Miller, Maria Montessori, Carl Rogers, and Bertrand Russell. 

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