Issues in Green Education

by Damian Randle £6.99 (inc UK pp) 978-1-871526-11-6  (pp)

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This is a collection of key articles taken from The Green Teacher. The book recognises that the greening of education has made a start and that 'environmental education' has come a long way in a short time.  But more needs to be done if the questions of deep ecology and social ecology are to be answered.  Questions raised include: 'is green education the same as holistic education?'  A manifesto for education for the twenty-first century, based on holistic principles is offered for review. 

Another question raised is whether 'green' thinking has paid too little attention to the concerns and insights of their 'red' radical predecessors.  No ready-made solutions are offered, but the book stimulates further debate, both practical and philosophical.  The practical approach is exemplified in items such as the Green School Survey which contains twenty-five questions that teachers, students, parents can ask about their school in attempting an audit of their environmental values in practice.

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