Learner-Managed Learning and Home Education:
A European Perspective

Ed. by Leslie Safran Barson £6.99 (inc UK pp) 978 1-900219-31-X (pp)

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Learner-managed education is a philosophy that has many supporters but little official recognition in this increasingly centralized and bureaucratized Europe. The home education movement has led the way in advancing this approach to education; Learning Unlimited was set up in part to promote it throughout Europe and it was for this reason that this project was born. 

The book is based on lectures given at the Learning Unlimited conference in 2005.  The articles have been translated into English, French and German, and each copy of the book contains all three versions.

The Foreword is by Dr Robert Bell, vice-president of  of the European Forum for Freedom in Education.  There are accounts of keynote lectures by Dr. Roland Meighan and Dr. Alan Thomas followed by repots of home-based education in France, Germany and Switzerland.

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