Participation, Power-sharing and School Improvement

by Bernard Trafford £6.99 (inc UK pp) 978 1-900219-10-7  (pp)

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Children who are empowered in school are more likely to become the committed, responsible democratic citizens of tomorrow, answering concerns about moral values and citizenship.

This book describes how one school is developing democratic practices to give both teachers and students a real voice in the school and its management, charting the changes in the operation and ethos of the school through the perceptions of students, teachers and parents.

The findings are compelling. The more the school has been able to share power, the happier and more productive it has become. Teachers and students alike feel respected as participants with valuable skills and ideas to contribute. They describe a less tense atmosphere, a decrease in bullying and racism, greater understanding and co-operation between all involved and an altogether richer educational experience.

Levels of motivation are raised, as are students' self-confidence, self-esteem and academic performance.  As increasing numbers of British children are alienated by schooling and the future of compulsory mass approach appears doubtful, this book suggests that the participative approach is the way schools may adapt and survive.


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