The Holistic Educators

by Cara Martin £6.99 (inc UK pp) 978-1-900219-08-5  (pp)

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The holistic educators have a long-standing tradition as educational heretics.  From their roots in the pioneering work of such arch-heretics as Maria Montessori and Rudolph Steiner, holistic educators have continued to develop their work and ideas under the influence of more recent radical educational thought.  The result is a modern approach to the education of the whole person which is fundamentally different from that of mainstream education today.

When asked how they feel about their schooling, children from many walks of life seem to have a single one-word answer: "boring!"  Yet children are not naturally bored by the world.  This simple fact alone must surely prompt us to ask why this should be so.  Why do so many intelligent, cheerful, well-balanced children and young people have the same opinion of the well-intentioned efforts of the adult community.  The answer, it is suggested, lies in the outdated mental model of the world to which many adults still hold, but which, under the influence of developments in modern science and technology, is being rapidly superseded.

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