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HE-UK Forums (managed by Mike)

FB logo Home Education UK

A face book forum associated with this web site, sister to the HE UK mailing list

Yahoo List HE-UK

A forum for those who don't use face book. one of the oldest forums in the UK.

A LinkedIn Group: Home Education UK Discussion

This is practically unique in the UK. It's an experimental group designed as an opportunity for professionals whether they are LA, medical, social workers, Psychologists, Tutors, Academics, employers etc to talk with home educating families about home education as a phenomenon.

It is not for supporting families in their home education journey. Please use one of the dedicated forums for that purpose. Thank you.

FB logo International Home Education (homeschoolers) Forum

A forum for parents around the world who home educate their children.

Other Home Education Forums

NB: The following links lead to external groups for which I have no responsibility

The National HE Picnic. Not back to school day

Specialist Groups

Special Needs

Single Parents

Faith Groups

Second Hand Resources

International Support

Multiational Organisations

Local Home Education Support

Groups are listed by name and usually area, Most will accept membership requests from people in neughbouring areas.

(If you know of other groups please send me the details I need the County followed by name of the towns where any meetings are undertaken and the FB address and the groups nick-name)



Other regions of the UK

Isle of Man

Northern Ireland




Other Specialist Support Forums

(Not HE groups, but groups that may be of interest or assistance to families)


School Support

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