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HE-UK Forums (managed by Mike)


  • A general internet mailing list for home educators based anywhere in the UK. With around 1,800 members (October 2012) This is one of the largest and most active home education mailing lists in the world and the second largest outside the USA. Even if you join one of the other specialist lists, you should consider joining this one as well for general news and support.


National Face book Group

Other Home Education Forums

NB: The following links lead to external groups for which I have no responsibility. While I take reasonable care to ensure that all groups listed are legitimate, Groups and support lists are run by volunteers with varying levels of competence. Parents must take reasonable care when communicating personal information with any third party, so If you have any concerns regarding any listing here, please contact me immediately with your concerns. Thank you.

SEN home education

Home Education Examinations etc

  • An internet mailing list for those who are looking at the various options for examinations and qualifications, such as GCSEs, IGCSEs, NVQs, GCEs, AS level and Open University.

Early years HE

  • a mailing list specialising in support for parents of younger home educated children

Homeschooling Ideas

  • Curricula and resources for home educators.

The Home Service

  • Advice service for those with a Christian faith

Single Parents Forum

  • A support forum for single parent home educators run by Education Otherwise.

Down Syndrome Home Education Forum

  • A support forum for those home educating children with Downs Syndrome.


  • a support forum for home educators of Aspergers children


  • An email list for those using the Unschooling approach

Autonomous Education UK:

  • An email list for those using the Autonomous Learning approach.


  • Support group for those with a Muslim faith.

International Support

(those in bold are national support groups)

European wide forum for campaigners

Republic of Ireland



Local Home Education Support

(If you know of other groups with online forums please send me the details)

([FB]= face book)



Other regions of the UK

(those in bold are national support groups)

Northern Ireland



Other Specialist Support Forums

(Not HE groups, but groups that may be of interest or assistance to families)

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