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Local authorities - 2005 FOI


These documents were the LA and other responses to the 2005 DfES review into their guidance for LEAs. While many LEAs were publicly claiming to be supportive of home education many privately and in secret produced highly negative responses to the DfES, with the expectation that these responses would remain private. At the time I was working towards publication of my second book on home education and realised I could get these documents from the DfES using the Freedom of Information Act. The DfES at first refused to pass on the documents and then did so but only in a heavily redacted form. Following my complaint to the Information Commissioner I was sent the complete documents with no blanked off sections. I was however still refused access to communications between the minister and civil servants.

NB: These PDF documents were supplied to me as hundreds of pages of hard copy and required scanning to be placed here. Due to time constraints they were not edited for errors derived from the scanning process. There are, therefore a significant number of typographical errors.


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